Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours

Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours

Find out more about tours of Stonehenge’s inner circle.

This is the most intimate tour of Stonehenge where you can walk among the stones and touch them.

Is the inner circle tour worth it?

Yes, because:

  1. You get right up to the stones.  The regular access tour allows you about 150 feet (50 metres) away from the stones.
  2. Being closer allows you to take much better and more intimate and artistic photographs – useful if you are a keen photographer.
  3. The inner circle tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable guide that bring the stones to life.
  4. You are away from the crowds – really great if you have done a lot of the crowded tourist spots in London for example.
  5. It feels ‘exclusive’, not everyone wants to or can pay the premium for this tour.