How to get to Stonehenge from London

When you are planning to travel from London to Stonehenge there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. How many people there are? If there are a group of you it is cheaper to rent a car than all take the train or bus. Car rental can be £40-50 a day but for a group 
  2. Do you want to get there cheaply, quickly or comfortably? That will affect your choice of transport.

How much is bus (commonly called a “coach” in the UK) from London to Stonehenge and how long does it take?

Where does the bus leave from? Busses (coaches) depart from Victoria Coach Station in London (Victoria tube on the Victoria (blue line)) to Salisbury and are run by National Express.

From Salisbury you need to either take a taxi (great if you are a group as you can split the fare) or take one of the private buses.

Expert tip: Note that Victoria coach station is a good 15 minute walk from Victoria Tube station so you must factor that in. Also exiting Victoria tube station can be difficult as you have to move through the large Victoria train station, again which can slow a family with children down. Don’t miss your bus!

How long does the trip take? The length of the trip averages between 3-4 hours and prices for National Express journeys to Salisbury

How much does the bus cost? At the time of writing tickets were  xxxxxxxxxxxx are roughly £10 per person.

How much is train rom London to Stonehenge and how long does it take?

If traveling to Stonehenge from London, take the South West train from Waterloo Station (on the Jubilee and Northern lines) to Salisbury, which is approximately 9.5 miles (17 km) away from Stonehenge.

The journey takes an hour and a half.

There are typically 2 trains that run from London to Salisbury every hour from around 6 am from Waterloo and returning from Salisbury until around 10.30pm.  

Ticket prices vary depending on date and time but expect to pay between £30 – £40 for an adult return ticket. From Salisbury Station, guests then need to take a bus directly to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, as the monument is over 12 miles into the countryside. There are four companies that run bus routes between Stonehenge and Salisbury.

Guests can also opt to take a taxi from Salisbury to Stonehenge, however expect fare prices to run between £20 – £30.

How much is car hire from London to Stonehenge/ how long does it take to drive?

Expert tip: Approach Stonehenge from Amesbury on the A303 and you will get impressive Stonehenge about a mile (1.5 kilometres) away. 

Cheapest way to get to Stonehenge from London

Fastest way to get to Stonehenge from London


Most comfortable (apart from renting a car) way to get to Stonehenge from London